[Halld-offline] DL1Trigger added

Alexander Somov somov at jlab.org
Mon Jan 11 09:01:36 EST 2016

Hi David,

As mentioned last week, I was testing the L1 trigger bank
(it will eventually contain more invormation needed for the
L1 efficiency studies and lumi determination).

I am going to commit some stuff shortly.


On Mon, 11 Jan 2016, David Lawrence wrote:

> Dear Offliners,
> On Friday I pushed a change that added a factory that creates DL1Trigger objects. (See details of pull request
> at link below.) This was to address the newer data sets that may contain more than one active trigger type.
> The class has 2 members:
> gtp_latch
> fp_latch
> These are words whose bits indicate the active trigger(s) for the event as reported by the Trigger Supervisor.
> From discussions with Alex, I understood that older data did not have a standard assignment for the bits (e.g.
> the PS trigger may be one bit in one set of runs, but another bit trigger bit in another set of runs). He is fixing
> this for future data (and perhaps some recently acquired data?). The permanent assignments will be published and
> added to DL1Trigger as an enum once they are finalized.
> https://github.com/JeffersonLab/sim-recon/pull/171/files
> Regards,
> -David
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