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from Graham Heyes, FYI.

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Subject: 	Computing resource allocations
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For the software review in 2015 each hall provided their computing requirements. The GLUEX requirements for the current Spring run were to be met by a combination of the expansion to the farm that had already taken place plus repayment by LQCD of our loan to them of excess capacity in 2015. As you know the Spring run has started but what we didn’t do is adjust the “fair share” parameters on the batch farm. These are currently set to:  A 10%, B 50%, C 10%, D 30% As a consequence of this GLUEX has been unable to fully access the resources that they requested in advance and were procured/borrowed to meet their requirements for this run.

With the concurrence of Rolf we will be changing the sharing parameters to: A 10%, B 20%, C 10%, D 60% until the end of this run in April. At that time we will drop hall-D to 50% and increase hall-B to 30%.

The repayment of the LQCD loan has expanded the farm to the level that the 20% allocation for hall-B (which includes HPS) should be close to the 1000 core level that was requested in the 2015 review and the most recent requirements update given to me last month.

Our intent is to further expand the ENP farm as soon as possible to be ready for the Fall running period and to ensure adequate resources for all halls once the LQCD loan bank runs dry.

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