[Halld-offline] RCDB anouncements

Dmitry Romanov romanov at jlab.org
Wed Mar 30 15:33:44 EDT 2016

Hi All,

There are 3 major updates related to RCDB that happened recently:

1. RCDB DB schema has been updated. Old code doesn't work

2. RCDB code moved to GitHub

3. SQLite version of RCDB is generated daily 

TL; DR; part:

1. The main database schema has been changed. So the old RCDB code doesn't work with the updated DB. One has to update RCDB cloning from GitHUB to get it working. The API hasn't been changed. So one just have to update RCDB. One of the features introduced in the updates is DB schema versioning, so future DB updates shouldn't be such code breaking. 

2. RCDB has been moved to GitHUB in order to have everything in one place (documentation, issue tracker, releases tar files):

The main page:

To clone:
git clone https://github.com/JeffersonLab/rcdb.git


The old svn repository is emptied with the link to a new RCDB repository. 

3. As with CCDB, RCDB SQLite database is generated daily and is available here:

SQLite is good for offline work with RCDB. SQLite connection string is sqlite:///path_to_file. More information is here:



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