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Please find the minutes below and at 

   -- Mark


    GlueX Offline Meeting, November 9, 2016, Minutes


  * *CMU*: Naomi Jarvis
  * *JLab*: Alexander Austregesilo, Thomas Britton, Brad Cannon, Eugene
    Chudakov, Mark Ito (chair), Nacer Hamdi, David Lawrence, Hrachya
    Marukyan, Paul Mattione, Curtis Meyer, Nathan Sparks, Simon Taylor
  * *MIT*: Cris Fanelli
  * *NU*: Sean Dobbs

There is a recording of this meeting <https://bluejeans.com/s/51f1Y/> on 
the BlueJeans site.


 1. *Open competition of new Geant4 logo*. David brought our attention
    to this
    Enter early and enter often!
 2. *HDGeant4 update*. Richard Jones reported
    that all detectors are now giving hits in HDGeant4, with the
    exception of the TPOL and the DIRC (which were also missing in
    HDGEANT). Geant4 is already built by HDPM. Mark will add it to the
    standard packages in build_scripts as well.
 3. *Reconstruction Test Webpage*. Thomas walked us through the new
    that displays results of the Reconstruction Test. Recall that that
    test runs every three days. The underlying technology relies heavily
    on Javascript and response times are impressive. Please see the
    recording, linked above, Chapter 2, starting at the 8:00 mark, for
    the live demonstration.


Alex showed the information page for the latest reconstruction launch 
It started last Friday. Previous to that there was work testing software 
and calibrations.

Tests were done with the CentOS7 farm nodes, but 50-70% of the jobs 
failed. There appears to be a bug with the Lustre driver on the new 
nodes. The launch is running on CentOS6.

      Software Review

The review <https://halldweb.jlab.org/wiki/index.php/Software_Review_4> 
starts tomorrow. Curtis, Paul, and David are giving talks. GlueX Note 
3108: Production and Analysis of GlueX Data 
has been sent to the committee as 50 pages worth of supplementary 
reading material.

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