[Halld-offline] MCwrapper v1.3

Thomas Britton tbritton at jlab.org
Wed Apr 12 12:02:22 EDT 2017

v1.3 of the hd_utilities(MCwrapper) is now out.

This release brings with it many small bug fixes and enhancements, including an enhanced naming convention.

Most notably there are two new features:

1) The optional parameter "TAG" can be set to a custom string which will be inserted into the naming convention used by MCwrapper.

2) The optional parameter "CUSTOM_PLUGINS"; which is a comma-separated list of plug-ins that will be run along side danarest and monitoring_hists. If your plug-in produces trees they should be captured under assumption that they have the .root extension

Use of these new optional parameters requires use of the gluex_MC.py v1.3 or later (The gluex_MC version will be reported on run now).

As always, a big thanks to those that have tested and noticed bugs.


For information on obtaining/using the wrapper please see the wiki: https://github.com/JeffersonLab/hd_utilities/wiki/MCwrapper
For more a more detailed example of the configuration file please see: https://github.com/JeffersonLab/hd_utilities/tree/master/MCwrapper/examples

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