[Halld-offline] root tree issue

Beni Zihlmann zihlmann at jlab.org
Mon Apr 17 14:44:31 EDT 2017

Hi Mike,
the tree is small:

   TreePi0->Branch("EventNUM",&EventNUM,"EventNUM/l"); // lower case l 
for ULong64_t
   TreePi0->Branch("RFT", &RFT, "RFT/F");
   TreePi0->Branch("Nbeam", &Nbeam, "Nbeam/I");
   TreePi0->Branch("Nneut", &Nneut, "Nneut/I");
   TreePi0->Branch("NeutralX", NeutralX, "NeutralX[Nneut]/F");
   TreePi0->Branch("NeutralY", NeutralY, "NeutralY[Nneut]/F");
   TreePi0->Branch("NeutralZ", NeutralZ, "NeutralZ[Nneut]/F");
   TreePi0->Branch("NeutralT", NeutralT, "NeutralT[Nneut]/F");
   TreePi0->Branch("NeutralE", NeutralE, "NeutralE[Nneut]/F");
   TreePi0->Branch("DetSys", DetSys, "DetSys[Nneut]/I");
   TreePi0->Branch("Nstart", &Nstart, "Nstart/I");
   TreePi0->Branch("SC_E", SC_E, "SC_E[Nstart]/F");
   TreePi0->Branch("SC_T", SC_T, "SC_T[Nstart]/F");
   TreePi0->Branch("SC_S", SC_S, "SC_S[Nstart]/I");

filling the tree is done between locks

the integer numbers are ok.
it looks like I overwrite some array however I make sure that that does 
not happen.
at least thats what I thought I did ;-)

On 04/17/2017 01:57 PM, Michael Staib wrote:
> Hi Beni,
> How big is the tree? Maybe the negative number of bytes is some kind 
> of overflow in a uint->int cast. Does it happen for all of the files 
> or just a few?
> -Mike
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> Michael Staib
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>> On Apr 17, 2017, at 11:59 AM, Beni Zihlmann <zihlmann at jlab.org 
>> <mailto:zihlmann at jlab.org>> wrote:
>> Does anyone have an idea what I am doing wrong in my Tree?
>> Creating and writing a tree does not snow any error. However when 
>> opening the file
>> and look with TBrowser in the tree I get the following error outputs 
>> when looking at any variable in the tree
>> for each entry.
>> Error in <TBasket::Streamer>: The value of fNbytes is incorrect 
>> (-394784763) ; trying to recover by setting it to zero
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