[Halld-offline] Offline calibration updates

Sean Dobbs s-dobbs at northwestern.edu
Tue Feb 7 12:46:42 EST 2017

Dear Offliners,

>From https://logbooks.jlab.org/entry/3456527:

Initial timing calibrations for the current running period have been
uploaded to the CCDB.

High priority items:
- Update Start Counter timewalks and propagation time corrections (left
over from last run)
- Update tagger calibrations (notably TAGM for new settings)
- BCAL calibrations: Yesterday Mark Dalton noticed an extra step to the
BCAL z position calibration that had not been performed, which potentially
explains the large spread in hit z positions that currently exist.. I am
working with him and George V. to update this and the effective velocity

I also understand that a new monitoring run has been started.

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