[Halld-offline] HDGeant4 repository has moved

Mark Ito marki at jlab.org
Thu Feb 23 08:55:33 EST 2017


As we discussed at yesterday's offline meeting, we have moved the 
official GlueX  git repository for HDGeant4 from Richard's private 
GitHub account (rjones30) to the Jefferson Lab GitHub organization 
(JeffersonLab). Just like sim-recon, hdds, etc., the repository will be 
owned by the GlueX Team. Note that unlike the CERNLIB-based HDGeant, 
HDGeant4 will be supported as a repository separate from sim-recon.

The new repository is at https://github.com/JeffersonLab/HDGeant4 .

The ground rules for collaboration contributions will be the same as 
those for sim-recon: push a branch to the repository and issue a pull 
request and then wait for another Team member to perform the merge. 
Recall that that means _any_ Team member. Also recall that although all 
team members have privilege to push to the master branch, said privilege 
should _not_ be exercised.

For convenience, I've tagged version 1.0.0 to be the same as Richard's 
repository at the time of the fork (just now). There are a couple of 
changes, generated by the JLab-based build effort, that will be coming 
in a bit later.

   -- Mark and Richard

marki at jlab.org, (757)269-5295

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