[Halld-offline] Analysis Launch: 2016-02 ver05

Alexander Austregesilo aaustreg at jlab.org
Thu Jan 26 11:12:51 EST 2017

Dear Collaborators,

The analysis launch over the ver03 REST files is finally completed. All 
trees and histograms can be found here:


or on tape:

Due to an incident with the file system over the Christmas break, we 
cannot guarantee that all files are still on the cache disk. Please 
compare with the number of files on tape before you merge, copy or 
process your channel. How to use the jcache commands can be found on the 
scientific computing webpages 
(https://scicomp.jlab.org/docs/write-through-cache) or by typing 'jcache 
-h' on the command line.

Feel free to consult the following webpage for information about the 
available channels:


Best regards,
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