[Halld-offline] gluon upgrade Tuesday 6/6

David Lawrence davidl at jlab.org
Mon Jun 5 15:22:39 EDT 2017

Hi All,

  Tomorrow morning (Tues. 6/6/2017) we will begin upgrading a number of the gluon computers in the Hall-D
counting house to RHEL6.8. This will include:
EMU’s (gluon40-gluon49)
farm nodes (gluon100-gluon111)
desktops (gluon01-gluon05)
RAID servers (gluonraid1-gluonraid2)
DB server (gluon25)

None of the gluon30’s or gluon20’s (other than gluon25) will be upgraded. Also, the newer farm nodes
(gluon112-gluon119) as well as the newest RAID server (gluonraid3) are already at RHEL6.8 and so
will not need to be upgraded. Gluon46 will remain at RHEL7.

Please note that this may disrupt some archiving and any other operations using gluondb1 (i.e.
RCDB writing of new runs).

If this causes any issues that warrant a rescheduling of this upgrade then please let me know ASAP.
We are motivated to do this tomorrow though since the scicomp farm movement is delayed and
a time slot has opened for for our sysadmin.


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