[Halld-offline] hdpm 0.7.0

Nathan Sparks nsparks at jlab.org
Mon Jun 12 20:12:16 EDT 2017

hdpm 0.7.0 has been released.

If you are updating from version 0.6.0 or later, you can update by running
hdpm selfupdate
Otherwise, follow the instructions at https://github.com/JeffersonLab/hdpm/wiki/Usage.

This release:
1. Updates the Amptools URL.
If you have preexisting settings on disk, run “hdpm add amptools” to update the AmpTools settings file.

2. Adds PyPWA to the extra-package list.
You must add it to your settings before installation:
hdpm add pypwa
hdpm install pypwa

hdpm installs PyPWA to a python virtual environment.
Source the virtual environment setup file before use (shown here for tcsh):
source $GLUEX_TOP/pypwa/2.0.0/bin/activate.csh

3. Consolidates some commands.
a. The build command has been combined with the install command.
"hdpm install” now behaves like “hdpm build”, and build has been added as an alias to install, so “hdpm build” will still work as before.

Recall that “hdpm install” previously installed the binary distribution.
>From now on you must use the “--dist" flag to install the distribution:
hdpm install --dist

b. The update command has been merged with the fetch command.
You can continue to update Git or SVN repositories by running
hdpm update
since update has been added as an alias for fetch, but this command will also fetch any other packages which are missing.
See the release notes for more info:


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