[Halld-offline] DSelector: Generating Flat TTree

Paul Mattione pmatt at jlab.org
Fri Mar 3 15:03:15 EST 2017

When running your DSelector, you can now optionally generate a flat version of the TTree (one entry = one combo, rather than one entry = one event).  Once you update your code, you can generate a new selector to see example code on how to do this. 

The intent is that this format can be used to easily slice-and-dice the data to see what happens with various cuts. However, since it's very difficult to handle combo-double-counting correctly in this format (and it's impossible to do so with PROOF), it's recommended that your final analysis still be done with the DSelector (just put your cuts in there).  

Note that I've only tested this for a few channels, so if you run into problems with it please let me know.  

 - Paul

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