[Halld-offline] corrupt environment set-up

Mark Ito marki at jlab.org
Tue Nov 28 08:43:46 EST 2017


At some point last night the environment set-up script, 
$BUILD_SCRIPTS/gluex_env_jlab.csh was changed to point to a private 
SQLite file for CCDB rather than the usual MySQL server. This may have 
affected some of you. I have just restored the file to the official 
version. Thanks to Simon for pointing out the problem.

Please do not edit files in the /group/halld tree unless you are 
directly responsible for them. All files in the tree are meant for 
general use by the collaboration; there should be no private code there.

   - Mark

Mark Ito, marki at jlab.org, (757)269-5295

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