[Halld-offline] Reconstruction Launch: 2017-01 ver03

Alexander Austregesilo aaustreg at jlab.org
Thu Aug 2 10:37:29 EDT 2018

Dear Collaborators,

The initial part of our third full reconstruction launch over the 
2017-01 data (ver03) is complete. It includes the 28 runs between 30730 
and 30788, commonly known as the workfest sample, and amounts to about 
10% of the full set. Thanks to the recent additions to the JLab farm, we 
could process half a million CPU-hours in less than 3 days. All files 
could be reconstructed successfully.

We will now start an initial analysis launch with a selection of basic 
channels over these data. In parallel, the reproduction of 2016-02 data 
was started. After that, we will continue to reconstruct the full 2017 
data set.

The software stack used for these recontruction launches can be found here:

The REST files (3,684 files, 10TB) are pinned to the cache disk for the 
next 60 days:

A subset with photons in the coherent peak (3,684 files, 3TB) was produced:

For realistic background in simulations, we extracted the random 
triggers and converted the signals to hddm:

The histograms and efficiency trees can be found here:

A subfolder with merged histograms and trees is included in each folder.

The results are also visible on the usual monitoring web-pages:


Best regards,

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