[Halld-offline] new script to update private packages (build_scripts)

Mark Ito marki at jlab.org
Wed Aug 29 19:40:34 EDT 2018


I've written a new script to update private builds of gluex software 
packages, bringing them up-to-date with their respective upstream 
repositories and rebuilding them. This was a request from the last 
Offline Meeting. Find the script at


Documentation can be found here 
and is reproduced below.

   -- Mark


Usage message:

|usage: my_halld_update.py [-h] [-x XML] [-n NTHREADS] [inputPackages 
[inputPackages ...]] positional arguments: inputPackages list of 
packages to update optional arguments: -h, --help show this help message 
and exit -x XML, --xml XML version set xml file name (default: 
version.xml) -n NTHREADS, --nthreads NTHREADS number of threads to use 
in rebuild (default: 1) |


 1. Update all private packages as identified by version.xml in the
    current working directory. Private packages contain a "home" attribute:

|my_halld_update.py |

 2. Update halld_sim only:

|my_halld_update.py halld_sim |

 3. Update all private packages as identified by

|my_halld_update.py -x /home/user/project/version_special.xml |

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