[Halld-offline] sim-recon compillation problems

Alexander Somov somov at jlab.org
Tue Feb 6 20:16:57 EST 2018


If would be helpful if Thomas or you can check the trigger
simulation; it's parsing a lot of info from the rcdb.
I have never tested SQLite with the trigger simulation

Dmitry had to tune a couple of versions before we got
the trig sim running, his latest version (before he left)
failed the SQLite support but he kept on working on it.

We have to make sure that we have a fully working rcdb
version in the repository (as Dmitry is not currently
around, it will not be easy to fix problems, if any).


On Tue, 6 Feb 2018, Mark Ito wrote:

> Sascha,
> On 02/06/2018 05:12 PM, Alexander Somov wrote:
>> Mark, did you have a chance to check whether the parser 'really'
>> works with SQLite (I remember that Dmitry R. had some problems with it;
>> I hope that he fixed them) ?
> I have tested it with an sqlite file. I ask for solenoid current and get 
> back what I expect. Also Thomas and I have both tested it with mcsmear 
> and get reasonable results.
> Recall that we are using essentially the same library (SQLiteCpp) as 
> Dmitry used in his own tests. We are just deploying that library 
> differently than he had envisioned.
>   -- Mark
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