[Halld-offline] v1.12 of MCwrapper

Thomas Britton tbritton at jlab.org
Wed Jan 3 11:24:26 EST 2018

v1.12 of MCwrapper

--Error Checking--
To begin with error checking is in place at all steps of the MC process.  This should allow users to monitor their batch jobs now as well as provide mode detailed logging for diagnosis

--OSG Support--
The osg is now supported in MCwrapper!  Simply set the batch system to “osg” in your MC.config file and run in batch mode on a submit node (make sure you have your certificate and a valid proxy).  It is that “easy”.  Currently, MCwrapper takes a local copy of MakeMC.(c)sh to run which can cause some version confusion between the software stack and the job itself.  This difference is not known at present to cause issues.  In the near term the osg software stack will be updated at which point MCwrapper will be updated to better integrate with the software stack (and unburden the job submission process).  After a final update of the software stack there should be parity between the local version and the osg version.  In principle this should lead to a state where “if it works interactively it should work on the osg”

--Bug fixes--
As always there have been a handful of bug fixes affecting specific use-cases as well as touch-ups

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