[Halld-offline] Offline Software Meeting Minutes, January 26, 2018

Mark Ito marki at jlab.org
Fri Jan 26 15:46:54 EST 2018

Forgot to flip the page on my notebook. A couple more items added to the 
minutes on the wiki and reproduced below.


      Simulation with Conditions Changing Run-by-Run

Eugene asked about an issue that came up in another meeting. If detector 
conditions, for example dead channels, are changing from run to run, are 
we able to reflect that accurately in the simulation. There are likely 
correlations that make an "average efficiency" calculation with an 
"average detector" inaccurate. Thomas remarked that MCwrapper has a 
mechanism to simulate events with a population of events, generated with 
different configurations in proportion to that in the real data, using 
the CCDB's "mc" variation to supply the run-by-run conditions. Mark also 
mentioned that we first did this with the simX.X runs in the past.

      TOF Anomaly in Monitoring Histograms

Beni reported a feature in the Plot Browser histograms for Spring 2017, 
in the :Recon. TOF 2" section. For Monitoring Launch versions 19 and 
above, there are no TOF identified protons below 1.0 GeV/c. He cannot 
reproduce the effect in his own code. Alex A. told us that this feature 
is not there with Simon's new track matching code. There is a problem, 
however, since the last reconstruction launch was done with the old 
track matching. This problem is likely present in the resulting REST files.

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