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Mark Ito marki at jlab.org
Fri Oct 5 17:04:56 EDT 2018

 From Graham Heyes, FYI.

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Subject: 	Fair share change.
Date: 	Fri, 5 Oct 2018 10:34:05 -0400
From: 	heyes at jlab.org <heyes at jlab.org>
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Hi Mark and David,

some time ago, when GLUEX was the major user of the local farm, we set 
the fair-share to 5/30/5/60 for halls A/B/C/D. Now that CLAS12 has a 
significant amount of data and both halls are taking data we have 
redistributed the fair-share to be 5/45/5/45. These are in line with the 
recently re-calculated requirements that have GLUEX and CLAS12 
generating a roughly equal workload. This will have some impact on GLUEX 
but, I suspect, not as much as the change in percentage would suggest 
since the CLAS12 workload is still erratic. So, GLUEX makes good use of 
CLAS12’s share when they are not loading the farm with jobs.

     Regards, Graham

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