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Simulation Fans,

Please find the minutes below and by clicking here 

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  Minutes, HDGeant4 Meeting, October 9, 2018


  * *FSU: * Sean Dobbs
  * *JLab: * Mark Ito (chair), Justin Stevens, Beni Zihlmann

We reviewed the following webpages:

 1. Review of minutes from the September 11 HDGeant4 Meeting
 2. Discussion at the September 11 Offline Software Meeting
 3. Issues on GitHub <https://github.com/JeffersonLab/HDGeant4/issues>

  * The geometry comparison described in (1) was done by Thomas Britton
    and Mark. The XML files from HDDS and from CCDB were identical.
  * The mystery of recovery of FDC hits in the transition from
    wire-based to time-based tracking reported by Beni in (2) remains.
    HDG3 sees the recovery, HDG4 does not. The mystery of events with no
    FDC hits visible when scanning HDG4 events also remains.
  * We need to check that studies we use going forward have Simon
    Taylor's tracking changes from Pull Request #21
    <https://github.com/JeffersonLab/halld_recon/pull/21>, merged on
    September 11.
  * Sean submitted Issue #67
    <https://github.com/JeffersonLab/HDGeant4/issues/67> on the photon
    energy scale. Richard Jones will look into this using a single
    photon gun.
  * We will talk to Thomas about further studies to uncover the root
    source of the loss of FDC hits described in Issue #66
    <https://github.com/JeffersonLab/HDGeant4/issues/66>. The goal is to
    describe the problems at a stage before tracking.

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