[Halld-offline] New bug-fix release: halld_sim 3.1.1

Mark Ito marki at jlab.org
Fri Oct 26 17:31:11 EDT 2018

Halld_sim 3.1.1 is a bug-fix release. Its differences from 3.1.0 allows 
genEtaRegge to be built properly. Cherry-picks a post-3.1.0 commit to 
handle AmpTools libraries properly. Thanks to Thomas for finding the 
problem and identifying the magic commit.

Find the release notes here 

This released is used by version_recon-2017_01-ver03_1.1_jlab.xml 
and has been built on all 5 platforms.

Note that this version set is only differs from 
in that it has this new bug-fix version of halld_sim.

Kinda inside baseball stuff...needed by Thomas and Daniel L.

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