[Halld-offline] May Workshop on Comparison of Data and Monte Carlo

Sean Dobbs sdobbs at fsu.edu
Tue Apr 9 10:01:42 EDT 2019

Hi all,

A reminder that, as announced in recent Production & Analysis
Meetings, there will be a workshop on the afternoon of May 16, right
after the collaboration meeting, to discussion the status of the
performance of HDGeant4-based simulation compared to data.

Updates from the tracking, calorimeter, and PID working groups as
expected, along with a discussion of the "Venn Diagram" problem.  Each
group is expected to produce a draft analysis note to document their
work so far and to outline a path for any other studies essential for
the next round of GlueX physics analyses.

I've put together a wiki page, outlining the charges to the working
groups, updated from the form presented in last November's
Collaboration Meeting, to collect material for this workshop:

Please let me know if you have any questions on this.


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