[Halld-offline] Software Meeting Minutes, February 5, 2019

Mark Ito marki at jlab.org
Wed Feb 6 08:09:41 EST 2019

Forgot about a couple of items...

      Review of minutes from the January 22 meeting

  * We looked at the *software-related work packages* and had a brief
    discussion of which working group should be responsible for the
    various Analysis Software packages. No firm conclusions were reached.

      HDGeant on Ubuntu on Windows

Thomas reported that HDGeant[3] crashes when run on a gluex_install 
build on Ubuntu on Windows. The error looks like

LOCB/LOCF: address 0x7ffa129ad700 exceeds the 32 bit address space
or is not in the data segments
This may result in program crash or incorrect results
Therefore we will stop here

No investigation of the cause has been started thus far. A candidate for 
an issue, perhaps?

On 2/5/19 7:45 PM, Mark Ito wrote:
> Folks,
> Please find the minutes below and here 
> <https://halldweb.jlab.org/wiki/index.php/GlueX_Software_Meeting,_February_5,_2019#Minutes>.
>   -- Mark
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