[Halld-offline] new release of build_scripts: version 1.44

Mark Ito marki at jlab.org
Sat Jan 5 21:53:46 EST 2019


I've installed a new release of build_scripts at JLab just now. It is 
version 1.44. This release allows alternate combinations of debug symbol 
inclusion/exclusion and compiler optimization level. Find the release 
notes here 

In particular, new "debug levels" are defined. Note that debug level 1 
corresponds what we have been doing all along. Debug level 1 remains the 
default. From the relevant commit message(4f9226 with some post-commit 

Add suffixes to file name according to debug level:
   2  +dbg
   1  (no suffix)
   0  +opt

Debug level meanings:
   2  with debug symbols (-g), optimization level 0 (-O0)
   1  with debug symbols (-g), optimization level 2 (-O2)
   0  without debug symbols (-g), optimization level 2 (-O2)

Level 1 is not selected explicitly, these settings are what results
when the defaults in SBMS are used.

Only halld_recon and halld_sim have meaningful debug levels currently.

The debug level can be controlled via an attribute in the version.xml 
file (as well as in other ways). I plan to give motivation and add more 
detailed explanation at the next Software Meeting (this Tue.).

-- Mark

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