[Halld-offline] cache disk outage on Aug. 8 [Re: proposal: cache disk outage on Wednesday, July 24th]

Mark Ito marki at jlab.org
Tue Jul 16 20:58:13 EDT 2019


I did not receive any feedback on the date for bringing on the new 
Lustre system. A date has been chosen: Thursday, August 8th (later than 
the original July 24th target). I am assuming that this is not a problem 
for us.

   -- Mark

On 7/9/19 7:58 PM, Mark Ito wrote:
> Folks,
> There will be a need for an interruption of our cache disk use to 
> bring on new Lustre disk space (about a petabyte for all of Physics) 
> and to upgrade Lustre software on the old system. All of the files 
> already backed up to tape will disappear from cache; to access them 
> they will have to be re-fetched from the tape library. Also new farm 
> jobs will not start if they will run over the transition.
> The proposed date is Wednesday, July 24th. The computer center has 
> asked for feedback on the schedule. Let me know if you know of reasons 
> why this is *not* a good time for the outage.
>   -- Mark
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