[Halld-offline] MCwrapper v2.2.1 released

Thomas Britton tbritton at jlab.org
Mon Jun 3 09:54:17 EDT 2019

Most of the changes in this release are backend changes including better handling of xrootd both in error handling and throughput.  SWIF fallback is also better handled with more optimized retries. This area is under active development so expect this to get better.

The one BIG change to take note of is the addition of ANA_ENVIRONMENT_FILE to MC.config.  Currently this only has an effect if the user is running ReactionFilter. When this is set AND ReactionFilter is being run it will use the software as defined by the ANA_ENVIRONMENT_FILE.  This should allow consistency in MC produced to mimic the trees produced by analysis launches.  This feature has limited availability via MCwrapper-bot as the tables governing the analysis launches need to be populated.
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