[Halld-offline] two new version sets: version_4.5.0.xml and recon-2017_01-ver03_10.xml

Mark Ito marki at jlab.org
Tue Jun 4 16:57:40 EDT 2019


I've built a new version set, with updates of all your favorite 
packages. The version set is version_4.5.0.xml 

The updated packages are:

  * halld_recon 4.4.0
  * halld_sim 4.4.0
  * hdgeant4 2.3.0
  * gluex_root_analysis 1.2.0
  * gluex_mcwrapper v2.2.1

Links are to the release notes.

The other version set that was built is recon-2017_01-ver03_10.xml 
It has the same versions as version_4.5.0.xml, except that halld_recon 
is the version used in the reconstruction launch recon-2017_01-ver03. It 
is the tenth version set using that halld_recon version.

version_4.5.0.xml will become the default at JLab at midnight tonight.

   -- Mark

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