[Halld-offline] /volatile/halld moving to a new Lustre system

Mark Ito marki at jlab.org
Mon Feb 24 22:38:37 EST 2020


I made a listing of the 5,000 largest directories on 
/volatile/halld_old, inclusive of subdirectories. Find it at


You might want to grep it for your username if you are wondering if you 
have any files at risk.

   -- Mark

On 2/24/20 5:50 PM, Mark Ito wrote:
> Folks,
> A reminder: all files on /volatile/halld_old will be deleted in nine 
> days, on Wednesday, March 4. See item 4 in the procedure below.
> There is still quite a lot of data in /volatile/halld_old. People 
> should check that they do not have anything important there.
>   -- Mark
> On 1/23/20 6:20 PM, Mark Ito wrote:
>> Gluons,
>> Our volatile disk space is moving to a newly purchased Lustre system. 
>> I mentioned this at the last Software Meeting. In the end our space 
>> will double from 70 TB to 140 TB. This will also give us independence 
>> from LQCD Lustre.
>> Recall that volatile is not backed up and files are subject to 
>> deletion when it gets full 
>> <https://scicomp.jlab.org/docs/volatile_disk_pool>, just as before.
>> The transition will start on Tuesday, February 4. And it goes like 
>> this (please note step 4):
>>  1. /volatile/halld will be renamed as /volatile/halld_old. All files
>>     and directories will be preserved other than the change to the
>>     name of the top level directory. Files can be read from and
>>     written to the renamed location.
>>  2. A new directory will appear on the new system named
>>     /volatile/halld (what else?). It will be empty, no directories,
>>     no files. This is our new volatile space.
>>  3. We can now use the new space in any way we like. An example of a
>>     likely use is to copy the contents of /volatile/halld_old/foo/bar
>>     to /volatile/halld/foo/bar. Such actions will not happen
>>     automatically. SciComp requests that we delete the contents of
>>     /volatile/halld_old/foo/bar after such a copy is done, but
>>     deletion is not required.
>>  4. After a month, all files remaining on /volatile/halld_old will be
>>     deleted.
>> Hall B is in the process of going through this now, FYI.
>>   -- Mark
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