[Halld-offline] Default CCDB server on farm: switch back to sqlite

Mark Ito marki at jlab.org
Wed Jan 8 13:51:33 EST 2020


I've just changed the default CCDB server for farm jobs from mysql (the 
hallddb-farm server) to sqlite served from the work disk. It appears 
that even the dual, beefed up servers that is hallddb-farm is not able 
to handle to load. With the work disk no longer giving file lock 
problems, I've gone back to using it for a set of sqlite files.

Let me know if you see problems.

   -- Mark

P. S. The new behavior will only be seen by farm jobs using 
build_scripts to select the database server. MCwrapper clients will not 
see the change (if I understand things correctly). Thomas: correct me if 
I'm wrong.

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