[Halld-offline] /volatile/halld moving to a new Lustre system

Mark Ito marki at jlab.org
Thu Jan 23 18:20:18 EST 2020


Our volatile disk space is moving to a newly purchased Lustre system. I 
mentioned this at the last Software Meeting. In the end our space will 
double from 70 TB to 140 TB. This will also give us independence from 
LQCD Lustre.

Recall that volatile is not backed up and files are subject to deletion 
when it gets full <https://scicomp.jlab.org/docs/volatile_disk_pool>, 
just as before.

The transition will start on Tuesday, February 4. And it goes like this 
(please note step 4):

 1. /volatile/halld will be renamed as /volatile/halld_old. All files
    and directories will be preserved other than the change to the name
    of the top level directory. Files can be read from and written to
    the renamed location.
 2. A new directory will appear on the new system named /volatile/halld
    (what else?). It will be empty, no directories, no files. This is
    our new volatile space.
 3. We can now use the new space in any way we like. An example of a
    likely use is to copy the contents of /volatile/halld_old/foo/bar to
    /volatile/halld/foo/bar. Such actions will not happen automatically.
    SciComp requests that we delete the contents of
    /volatile/halld_old/foo/bar after such a copy is done, but deletion
    is not required.
 4. After a month, all files remaining on /volatile/halld_old will be

Hall B is in the process of going through this now, FYI.

   -- Mark

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