[Halld-offline] More stuff on Oasis

Mark Ito marki at jlab.org
Mon Jul 13 14:24:30 EDT 2020

I was able to build the master branch of halld_recon against the 
Oasis-resident files using a Singularity container. So that at least 
seems to work.

On 7/12/20 7:21 PM, Mark Ito wrote:
> Folks,
> Following a suggestion from David (seconded by Richard) at the last 
> Software meeting, I've relaxed the criteria for which files get 
> shipped to Oasis for our container build. In particular, oasis now 
> contains all static libraries (*.a files) and all directories named 
> "src".
> I think that this will allow building our software against the oasis 
> share. I've not tested that. If we need more stuff out there, please 
> let me know.
> This increased the size of our footprint on oasis from about 340 GB to 
> 390 GB. See the attached plot. I remember a goal of 200 GB max in the 
> old days, but we have never been called out on excessive use.
>   -- Mark

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