[Halld-offline] MCwrapper 2.5.0 released

Thomas Britton tbritton at jlab.org
Mon Jun 1 07:19:48 EDT 2020

There are 5 main parts to this release:

1) Condor submission - As promised condor submission is now in natively.  Simply set the BATCH_SYSTEM=condor and run in batch mode

2) new GENERATOR_POSTPROCESS option in MC.config.  This additional optional step comes after generation but before Geant.  Currently it only supports decay_evtgen and its optional configuration file passed in via a colon separated value e.g. decay_evtgen:/u/myfile.dec.  In the future this should support other post generation hddm manipulators.

3) new VERTEX option.  This option allows the manipulation of the VERTEX card in hdgeant4.  It takes in either a single value representing length or a comma separated set of values followed by a colon separated value representing length.  The meaning of each parameter in the comma separated set can be found in the Gcontrol file or in hdgeant documentation.  It is reproduced below:

Gaussian transverse beam spot specified in one of the following ways.
c     'beam_spot(x,y,z,var_xx,var_xy,var_yy,dxdz,dydz) * length'
c or
c     'beam_spot(ccdb) * length'
c where the symbols x,y,z,var_xx,var_xy,var_yy,dxdz,dydz and length are
c numerical values that specify the vertex distribution, as follows.
c         x,y,z  = center of random cylinder that defines the
c                  distribution of generated vertex points;
c         var_xx, var_xy, var_yy = parameters of an ellipse in the xy
c                  plane that defines the transverse Gaussian distribution;
c         dxdz   = slope of the cylinder axis in the zx plane;
c         dydz   = slope of the cylinder axis in the zy plane;
c         length = length of the target along z, assumed uniform.
c All spatial dimensions are given in cm, and variances in cm^2.

4) /particle/ now in particle_gun config file. Lines beginning with /particle/ can now be added into the particle gun config file.  MCwrapper will automatically sort these lines into the run.mac file while other lines will be appended to the control file (e.g the KINE and SCAP cards).  Also more trust is now given to users of particle_gun with the custom Gcontrol.   If you are using a custom control.in file with particle gun it will not error if no particle gun config file is given (it now assumes those options are in your custom control file).  If you give a config file it should properly append as before.

5) behind the scenes changes/tweaks. The standard bug fixes and performance tweaks are in and there are some behind the scenes changes to allow for the use of production lab-wide xrootd.  This allows the submit node to not have to be responsible for much of anything besides submission and receiving data.  Additionally, new diagnostic tools are being developed to make diagnosing certain problems with the software stack to be discovered more easily.

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