[Halld-offline] Building versions for Nacer, notes on analysis launch 1 (of 4).

Mark Ito marki at jlab.org
Wed May 6 16:57:14 EDT 2020


The first analysis launch on Nacer's list of four is "2016ver20". Here 
is the web page:


There is no version information there, but it does name the REST 
production run it was produced from. That is REST ver06. From that page:

   REST ver06 (August 2018), runs 11366 - 11555 ('golden period')

That reconstruction launch appears on this web page:


It is the fourth line from the bottom. The link on that line leads to 
this page:


which does not contain any version information.

If I list tags from halld_recon that match *recon*2016* I get:

   [marki at markdesk4 halld_recon]$ git tag | grep 2016 | grep recon

If I do the same search for tags in sim-recon, I get:

   [marki at markdesk4 sim-recon]$ git tag | grep 2016 | grep recon

Recall that halld_recon started as a clone of sim-recon. So we expect 
tags that were applied to sim-recon to appear in both sim-recon and 
halld_recon. So these four tags were all initially applied when we were 
still using sim-recon. Note there is no tag for recon-2016_02-ver06.

I have been making backups of sim-recon and halld_recon and writing them 
to tape before deleting them from the group disk. If I look in the tape 
library I see:

   lorentz:marki:releases> ls *2016_02*

so again no 2016_02-ver06. And there is no CentOS7.7 build and no 
container build either. Also note that launches are were _never_ run 
from builds on the group disk (except for on the OSG and at NERSC). The 
launch-meister always builds his own version on /work/halld. But I think 
that that is the least of our worries.

My best guess is that ver06 was built with the ver04 tag, and perhaps 
run with updated calibration constants or software settings. So I can 
try to build the ver04 tag. I think that that should work.

Now which version of halld_sim should I use to go with it? Two choices:

A) the latest halld_sim

B) the simulation code that is contained in the old sim-recon

and perhaps there are others. In case (A) there is no guarantee that a 
modern halld_sim will build against an old halld_recon, at least not 
without a fight. In case (B), that is a very old version of the simulation.

Another question: which version of hdgeant4 should I use. Recall hdgean4 
depends on halld_recon.

One final point. The intention is to get all of this running with 
MCwrapper. There may or may not be issues there.


   -- Mark

P. S. For the record, the other three analysis launches Nacer mentions 
are 2017ver21, 2018_08ver02, and 2018_01_ver03.

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