[Halld-offline] work disk full again

Mark Ito marki at jlab.org
Tue Oct 20 10:02:09 EDT 2020


The work disk situation is still critical. I know it is two days before 
the collaboration meeting, but if those of you who have some time and 
have a lot of bytes on the work disk could take some time to clean up, 
we will avoid a problem for some of our collaborators as they prepare.

Again see the link in the message below for a list of the big users.

   -- Mark

On 10/16/20 9:45 AM, Mark Ito wrote:
> Folks,
> We are at 98% on the work disk again:
> $ df -h /work/halld
> Filesystem                       Size  Used Avail Use% Mounted on
> scifs17exp-eth:/expphyvol/halld  216T  210T  5.1T  98% 
> /w/halld-scifs17exp
> The page
>   https://halldweb.jlab.org/disk_management/work_report.html
> is over a month old, but probably still gives a good idea of who the 
> big users are.
> Please clean up or archive any files that you can.
>   -- Mark

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