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from Bryan Hess:

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A few updates:

  * We received the first set of 3 recovered tapes from IBM Tuesday.
    Chris is reading them now to see what the success rate was and then
    we will press on with on the remaining tapes on the recovery queue.
  * I pulled a year of environmental trend data from the data center
    HVAC controls to rule out environmental concerns during the period
    when we saw the problem. Everything was in spec, so that's good.
  * Our next meeting with IBM is tomorrow.
  * We sent IBM more drives for diagnostics as a check to see if there
    are any errors/failures that look like the one that caused this
    issue. To say it another way, instead of doing routine drive
    replacements when we see errors, we are sending them to the factory
    for analysis to make sure there isn't some trend.  We are still
    waiting for their final drive analysis.
  * We have just started writing duplicates of new files (not just raw) 
    so that we can get confidence with the LTO8s. We will allow these
    "just in case" duplicates to accumulate until we have a good sample
    size, and then we will read them back to demonstrate that the
    problem has been overcome.

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Any news on tape file recovery?

    -- Mark

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