[Halld-offline] /work/halld/home/acernst

Mark Ito marki at jlab.org
Sun May 9 17:04:33 EDT 2021


The files under  /work/halld/home/acernst not been read for some time 
now. There are about 2.3 TB there.

I've backed up all of the files to the write-through cache, thus they 
will eventually end up on tape. In a week from today, I am going to ask 
the computer center to delete the original directory on /work/halld. 
*But* if you need those files on the disk then they should be on the 
disk. Let me know if that is the case and I won't ask for deletion.

  * The original files have not been touched, other than reading them to
    create the backup.
  * The tar archive is on the disk still in
    /cache/halld/home/backups/work/halld/home/acernst .
  * The README attached to this message gives instructions on how to
    recover files.
  * The MANIFEST (gzipped) attached to this message lists the files that
    have been backed up.

README and MANIFEST are also in the cache directory mentioned above.

Let me know if you have questions.

   -- Mark

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Sun May  9 08:45:57 EDT 2021
To restore files:
tar xvf /cache/halld/home/backups/work/halld/home/acernst/acernst.tar -F /cache/halld/home/backups/work/halld/home/acernst/tar_multi_3.sh --multi-volume

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