[Halld-offline] [EXTERNAL] scan-build revived

Mark Ito marki at jlab.org
Tue May 11 14:21:25 EDT 2021


Prompted by Sean's work (see below) reviving David's original scheme, I 
tried this scan-build thing myself. There is now a cron job set up to 
run once a week. It populates four new web directories:

  * https://halldweb.jlab.org/scan-build/hdgeant4/
  * https://halldweb.jlab.org/scan-build/halld_sim/
  * https://halldweb.jlab.org/scan-build/halld_recon/
  * https://halldweb.jlab.org/scan-build/hdds/

where the results of scan-build will be accumulated for each package. It 
is running once a week at present, using a build of the master branch of 
each package. A screenshot of an example warning from halld_recon is 

   -- Mark

On 2/5/21 3:53 PM, Sean Dobbs wrote:
> Hi Offliners,
> To follow up on some of the discussion from this week's meeting, you
> can find the output of a recent run of the scan-build static analyzer
> here:
> https://halldweb.jlab.org/scan-build/scan-build-2021-01-21-110224-160369-1/ 
> <https://halldweb.jlab.org/scan-build/scan-build-2021-01-21-110224-160369-1/>
> Several potential bugs are flagged, but I'm not convinced that any of
> them have any practical effect - we should squash them anyway, of
> course.
> I couldn't find a common build of clang (though I didn't do an
> exhaustive search), so I built my own version, and then used the
> following magic to get scan-build to work with Scons:
>         env["CC"] = os.getenv("CC") or env["CC"]
>         env["CXX"] = os.getenv("CXX") or env["CXX"]
>         env["ENV"].update(x for x in os.environ.items() if
> x[0].startswith("CCC_"))
> I scattered this code in various places, but probably someone more
> familiar with SBMS would know the most efficient place to put these
> lines, if we want to start the weekly runs of this analyzer back up.
> Cheers,
> Sean
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