[Halld-offline] New version of Build Scripts: 2.25

Mark Ito marki at jlab.org
Wed Oct 20 10:55:45 EDT 2021


There is new version of Build Scripts, version 2.25. Find the release 
notes here and below. It is now installed at JLab.

There is one change that I should note. The Computer Center is rolling 
out CentOS 7.9 nodes on the farm over the next months. Until this week, 
the farm was all CentOS 7.7, but some the new OSs have already appeared 
on GPU enabled nodes. Rather than creating a complete tree of built 
software for CentOS 7.9, which would be no different from what we have 
already under CentOS 7.7, I've put in a kludge in 
$BUILD_SCRIPTS/osrelease.pl so that when 7.9 is sensed, 7.7 gets 
reported out, for CentOS only. So the BMS_OSNAME for 7.7 and 7.9 will be 
the same (that for 7.7). So for users on CentOS 7.7 nodes, there should 
be no change at all.

   -- Mark


    build_scripts 2.25


  * Report CentOS 7.9 as 7.7 for BMS_OSNAME.
  * Modernization of set-up scripts for JLab.
  * Other incremental changes.
  * Differences from 2.24

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