[Halld-offline] /home/gluex/bin under git control now

Mark Ito marki at jlab.org
Thu Sep 9 18:38:48 EDT 2021


This is really just for the few of you who log in at JLab to the user = 
gluex account.

The directory /home/gluex/bin was under Subversion control until just 
now. I've switched it to use a new git repo on GitHub:


This repo is public and is one of the repo's owned by the "gluex" team. 
It is write-able by team members.

None of the scripts have changed and version control history was 
preserved in the conversion.  /home/gluex/bin is now a soft link to 
/home/gluex/git/home_gluex_bin. The old directory has been copied to 

This bin directory contains many of the utility scripts that we use to 
manage our software. A lot of these are run under cron jobs, for example 
nightly.sh which does the nightly builds and oasis_update.sh which 
refreshes our software for use on the OSG and elsewhere.

   -- Mark

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