[Halld-offline] Dropping back version set 4.46.0

Mark Ito marki at jlab.org
Thu Sep 30 19:40:40 EDT 2021


There have been reports of the new version set, 5.0.0, which has a new 
ROOT version, breaking the "DSelector batch script". To tell you the 
truth, I don't know what that is, but nonetheless we will move the 
default version at JLab back to version set 4.46.0 at midnight tonight 
to give the experts time to look at the problem. Note that 4.46.0 has 
all of the same GlueX-centric versions as 5.0.0  (e.g., halld_recon, 
hdgeant4), it just uses our long-time-no-change versions of support 
packages (e.g., ROOT, Geant4).

See this email 
for some more background on this issue.

   -- Mark

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