[Halld-offline] New release of Build Scripts: version 2.31

Mark Ito marki at jlab.org
Mon Feb 7 19:06:26 EST 2022


I've released a new version of Build Scripts, version 2.31. Find the 
release notes here 
<https://github.com/JeffersonLab/build_scripts/releases/tag/2.31> and an 
excerpt below. New features:

  * ability to build AmpTools and ROOT from the main branches of their
    respective Git repositories.
  * AmpTools added to the list of packages available in
    my_halld_build_jlab. That script builds private versions of selected

   -- Mark


    What's Changed

  * cast SHOWBUILD as an integer before comparing to 0 by @markito3
    <https://github.com/markito3> in #232
  * fix sbms.py to search sqlite3 and fmt libraries, needed for ccdb2 by
    @markito3 <https://github.com/markito3> in #233
  * fix to allow parsing of dirtags when no version number field is
    present by @markito3 <https://github.com/markito3> in #235
  * Add amptools to my_halld_build_jlab by @markito3
    <https://github.com/markito3> in #236
  * Allow clone of root from the github repository. by @markito3
    <https://github.com/markito3> in #237
  * Add CentOS Stream release 8 by @nsjarvis
    <https://github.com/nsjarvis> in #234

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