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Please find the minutes here 
and below.

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    Minutes, GlueX Software Meeting, March 2, 2022

Present: Alex Austregesilo, Nathan Brei, Sean Dobbs, Bryan Hess, Mark 
Ito (chair), Igal Jaegle, Richard Jones, David Lawrence, Curtis Meyer, 
Keigo Mizutani, Wesley Moore, Simon Taylor, Beni Zihlmann

There is a recording of this meeting 
on the ZoomGov site. (Passcode: htzd69.p)


Mark mentioned that there are *a series of pull requests from Simon* 
responding to a request from Richard to modify Simon's recent changes to 
the hddm_s schema, to support the CPP muon chambers, backward compatible 
with existing hddm data. The pull requests are for halld_recon, 
halld_sim, and hdgeant4. Once they work their way through the system, we 
will need a new version set.

      OSG/Offsite Computing Update

Bryan brought us up-to-date with work over the last few years to stand 
up the infrastructure, both hardware and software, that allows us to use 
the OSG and other off-site computing resources. Please see his slides 
for the details. From the discussion:

  * With the new token-based authentication used in version 3.6, there
    is an issue with having multiple instances of the submit host on the
    same physical node. We need this to support the GlueX, JLab, and EIC
    VOs. A solutions is being developed.
  * Bryan described the difficulty in exposing our large Lustre
    partitions to access from offsite via XRootD.
  * He described the plan to use existing file servers to carve out
    space to serve out GlueX data on StashCache.
  * Wes gave some details on a problem accessing StashCache data via
    CVMFS from the farm. Work on this is on-going.
  * Sean mentioned the need for GlueX to communicate our ideas on
    OSG-related workflows to SciComp and for SciComp to keep us
    up-to-date with current work and new directions in this area. Along
    these lines, Wes expressed a desire for a channel where they can get
    feedback on solutions that SciComp is pursuing. We agreed that we
    should have regular meetings with interested parties to discuss
    these topics, much as they were discussed at today's meeting. Bryan
    will mention the concept at tomorrow's SciComp meeting (where the
    other Halls are represented), Sean will put together a list of the
    workflow ideas we are contemplating and Mark will arrange a kick-off
    meeting at the end of March.

      Review of Minutes from the Last Software Meeting]]

We looked at the minutes from February 16th meeting 
We need to get going on a new system for producing containers. Related 
to that Mark is working on adjustments to our builds so that there is no 
difference between builds on the JLab CentOS 7 farm nodes and those 
produced with a CentOS 7 container. Then these two builds can be 
consolidated into one and this single build can be shipped to Oasis for 
use off-site.

      FAQ of the Fortnight: What do I have to know when transitioning
      from SWIF to SWIF2?

We looked again at Alex's wiki page 
giving advice on the topic.

Alex also mentioned that Chris Larrieu liked the related discussion on 
the Software Help list 
<https://groups.google.com/g/gluex-software/c/F3u3wQSS0CI>, but Chris 
lamented the fact that folks in the other Halls will not benefit from 
this and similar exchanges. Mark mentioned that we had proposed 
upgrading from Mailman 
some time ago, but that effort never got off the ground.

      Software Coordination

We went over the list of responsibilities 
that will have to be taken over by others when the current Software 
Coordinator retires.

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