[Halld-online] JANA 0.7.4 released

David Lawrence davidl at jlab.org
Tue Dec 1 13:52:09 EST 2015

Dear All,

  A new release of JANA (version 0.7.4) is now available for download from here:


The change log for this version is copied below. Here is the most IMPORTANT info:

1. This version switches to using 64bit event numbers. This required a majority of
files in the repository be changed since the signature of the evnt(…) method is now
different. I have made the necessary modifications to sim-recon in a branch named
“davidl_64bit_eventnumber”. I will put in a pull request for this by the end of the week.
In the meantime, if you install JANA 0.7.4, you will want to test it with this branch
since “master” won’t compile against it.

2. YOUR PLUGINS will likely be BROKEN by this until you change both the brun 
and evnt method signatures to match what is in JANA/JEventProcessor.h

3. Some accommodation was made in the previous version of JANA (0.7.3) to allow
it to be used even with the “davidl_64bit_eventnumber” branch. Once this gets
merged into the master, you may see a number of warnings until you upgrade to

4. I have compiled JANA 0.7.4 on ifarm1401 (RHEL6) as well as the gluons
(both RHEL6 and RHEL7). You can find them here:



To use them, source the setenv.csh script in the appropriate platform specific

Changes in version 0.7.4
- Fixed bug in location osrelease.pl was being run
- Fixed bug where JGeometryXML.cc wouldn't compile without XERCES
- Allow user to force bitness of build using either m32=1 or m64=1
- Added -a, -t, and -b options to janadump. Some modifications
  to JEventLoop, JFactory, and JFactory_base made to allow better
  user control of when GetNrows activates a factory.
- Default for janadump changed to not automatically activate tagged
  factories when printing summary header.
- Add SetExitCode and GetExitCode to JApplication.
- Added examples to scons build tree.
- Fixed bug where DEFTAG: feature only worked if AUTOACTIVATE was used
- Default compiler now c++/cc instead of g++/gcc and optimization on
  by default (as well as all compiler warnings)
- Added support for compiling with ROOT 6
- Made unsigned 64bit event number requirement (and signed 32bit for run)
- Added macros directory with some example ROOT macros

Let me know if you have any issues.


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