[Halld-physics] Standardize FCAL Knockouts

Shepherd, Matthew mashephe at indiana.edu
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Can you describe what is being knocked out?  Is this just a fiducial cut to avoid edges or are people doing run-by-run cuts for dead blocks?

Our analysis library delivers candidates for photons and charged tracks.  These type of standard cuts should be incorporated there.

Regarding REST, the shower centroid is stored in x-y which maps to block ID.  I don't know what you mean by "central crystal ID"  -- central in what respect?


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Hi Everyone -

   I have run across several analyses now where people have not been doing “FCAL knockouts”, and have also heard of at least two approximations that people use to do this. One does radial cuts on the shower position, and the other uses angular cuts on the shower.

   It seems to me that it would not be to difficult to store the central crystal ID of each shower in the REST file, and then have the
knock-outs done by crystal ID as part of the analysis launch. I suspect that we are too late to get this in for the upcoming launch, but
it seems like something that we should all be doing, and all doing the same way.

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