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 From Hovanes FYI, to get us thinking, we will need to discuss this at 
both the next start counter meeting and the next time-of-flight meeting.

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this is a reminder that we need to collect the requirements from
the detector subgroups regarding the shutdown procedures.
As we discussed at the meeting a week ago, we need to know in which
condition, if any, the subsystem will need to be :
o automatically powered off by the hardware, PLC or EPICS.
o powered off quickly (~1sec from the moment a button was pushed)
    by the shift personnel
These conditions could include unacceptable for the detector operation
readings from the hardware, PLC or EPICS (temperature, pressure, humidity,
etc), loss of network communications with the counting house, or some
combination of conditions.

Please, discuss these at the detector working groups that you
attend, and  send me and Dave Butler by March 1st the latest, a page
or a simple e-mail defining what and when the LV, bias, or HV on a
particular detector needs to be powered off.


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