[Halld-trigger] Cleanup of /gluex area

Elliott Wolin wolin at jlab.org
Thu Dec 19 10:23:28 EST 2013


Now that we have the CODA 3.0 release I cleaned up some old stuff that 
probably only I was using (maybe Sean as well).

I moved all the CODA packages I installed a long time ago out of /gluex 
and into /gluex/old_coda_stuff.  I'll keep them there for a while until 
we're sure we don't need them.

I modified /gluex/etc/hdonline.cshrc to use the CODA 3.0 release instead 
of the old stuff.  The new hdonline.cshrc seems to work for me, let me 
(or Dave L or Mark D) know if you have any problems.





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