[Halld-trigger] High intensity running - a work page

Eugene Chudakov gen at jlab.org
Fri Jul 29 19:41:28 EDT 2016

Dear colleagues,

The report of the readiness review for the high-intensity running is
available at the review page:


The management decided to accept the application from the GlueX-II (50
MHz beam in the peak) for running in the Fall of 2018. However, we are
expected to develop the details of the needed upgrade and to report
the progress to the same review panel. I assume that we should present
a plausible plan in a month or so, in order to secure the FY17 funds
for the upgrade.

David and I made a work page for the project. It is already populated
with some information, and with a set of questions the group has to
answer, summarizing the discussions we had during the last week.
Please feel free to edit it, adding question, writing comments or



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