[Hps-analysis] phi0 samples

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Thanks Takashi,

We'll start looking at these right away.


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I tried generating phi0 using Fluka  (See my presentation at the November Collaboration meeting). There are many problems in dealing with phi0 production in Fluka; how to scale for Tungsten, how to model phi0 production etc.  Photo-production seems to be more reliable than electro-production. I have generated some phi0 events and phi0-Kshort decays.
  stdhep files can be found under /nfs/slac/g/hps_data2/mc_production/phi0/ .
    phi0_all.stdhep:  all K+/K- events
    phi0_select.stdhep:  |Mass(K+K-) - 1.020| < 0.005 GeV
    kshort_all.stdhep: K+ or K- from phi0_all is replaced by Kshort, and K0->pi+/pi- (only pi+/pi- are saved)
    kshort_select.stdhep: K+ or K- from phi0_select is replaced by Kshort, and K0->pi+/pi-  (only pi+/pi- are saved)


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