[Jlab-pwa] JLab-PWA working group

Carlos Salgado salgado at jlab.org
Tue Jul 31 09:52:52 EDT 2012


The "JLab-PWA working group" is formed by JLab staff and users working in PWA and
interested in sharing information, experiences and tools on the analysis of hadron
spectroscopy. We will meet Fridays 10AM at JLab every two weeks (next meeting is August 10th).

Minutes of previous meeting (July 27th)

We discussed the general goals of the group and first working steps:

- Promote PWA education
- Made available at JLab all the PWA software
- Compare/discuss all available PWA software tools
- Coordinate the study of specific channels/modes to compare tools/experiments
- Promote and help in the creation of tutorials, to make PWA tools "user friendly"
- Make available JLab resources to the PWA community by increasing collaboration
with JLab  Computing resources (GPUs...) and JLab Theory Division expertise.

Improve communication among PWA groups (worldwide).
To start we created:

A wiki page at :            https://wiki.jlab.org/pwawiki/index.php/Main_Page

and a e-mail list:          jlab-pwa at jlab.org

(a web-forum will be created shortly).

Please feel free to use those tools of communications to exchange your ideas/tools/problems...

-Carlos Salgado

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