[Jlab-pwa] JLab-PWA bi-weekly meeting this Friday (9/20) - 10AM - B101 _NEW PLOTS IN PWAWIKI

Carlos Salgado salgado at jlab.org
Wed Sep 18 13:25:13 EDT 2013

I uploaded several plots of z vs t in the Data Analysis area of the pwa wiki page (see below the link).
These are from the reaction gamma.p -> p K+ (K-) the K- is not directly observed.
z = cos(scatt angle of K-) in pP CM -  Pk is considered an elastic scat.

The plots show z(adam) using Adam's formula z=1+2t/(s-4) that assumes equal mass
particles (and m=1) in the elastic pK collision. I also calculated for the pK (with the respective masses proton and kaon masses)
and called z(kmass), both calculations are very close to each other and I believe do not change much the z vs t plots, however there 
are some differences (see the z(adam) vs z(kmass) plot).- Carlos

>> Hello
>> We will have our bi-weekly JLab-PWA meeting this Friday 9/20
>> at 10AM-11AM Room B101.  
>> Agenda -
>> More on baryon corrections
> Several of us are away on travel, we hope you can call us with the instructions below.
>> To call in, please follow instructions in the wiki page:
>> https://wiki.jlab.org/pwawiki/index.php/Main_Page
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